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8:00am to 8:45am Deep Water Boot Camp    Deep Water Boot Camp   Deep Water Exercise   
8:15am to 9:15am   Restorative Yoga   Restorative Yoga    
9:00am to 9:45am

Shallow Water Boot Camp

 Deep Water Exercise

 Shallow Water Boot Camp  Deep Water Exercise  *Shallow/Deep Water Exercise Deep Water Exercise
10:00am to 10:45am  *Silver Sneakers Classic  *Arthritis Water Class  *Silver Sneakers Classic  *Arthritis Water Class  *Chair Yoga  
6:15pm to 7:00pm    Shallow/ Deep Water Exercise    Shallow/ Deep Water Exercise  Shallow/Deep Water Exercise  

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~Please Note ~

  • There is limited space for some classes. We take the first 35 people for water aerobic classes and 13 people for cycling.  All classes operate on a first come, first-served basis. Please arrive early to ensure your place in a class. Shallow water classes require water shoes.
  • Deep water classes require a flotation device.
  • Water Aerobic & Chair Yoga classes that have less than 3 participants for 3 consecutive class meetings will be canceled due to low participation.
  • The schedule is subject to change due to rentals, special events, staffing, etc. 
  • * Indicates that SilverSneakers Membership is accepted in a class.
  • SilverSneakers Classic class: Must have a SilverSneakers membership to participate. Yoga equipment provided.


This is a 45 minute reduced impact exercise class developed by the Arthritis Foundation that encourages soothing movement. Exercises improve the participant's overall function and performance of daily tasks, mobility, gait, independence, flexibility, balance and coordination while offering a wonderful support group. This class is appropriate for anyone looking for a low impact exercise regimen while rehabilitating from an injury or illness.


Get more out of your workout & join us in the water for a high energy full body fitness class.

Enhance your flexibility, range of motion and increase your cardiovascular fitness while utilizing the water’s natural buoyancy & resistance. Realize better muscle tone and improved conditioning while having fun in the water! The viscosity of the water allows you to push, pull, jump, run and play much harder than on land. You’ll feel the difference and enjoy the pool too. Aqua shoes recommended.


Prepare yourself for the ultimate "No Impact" 45 minute workout. We will use selected flotation devices for suspension in deep water and create a challenging aerobic interval workout using adaptations of jogging, cross country skiing, bicycling, kicking, tilting and jacks. This class is designed to strengthen muscles, promote flexibility, provide cardio conditioning and build endurance. Appropriate for individuals with moderate fitness levels who have some swimming skill and/or need to reduce impact during the workout.


Prepare yourself for the ultimate hard core 45 minute vertical water workout specifically designed for cardio conditioning by getting your heart pumping. This class is designed to strengthen your cardio respiratory system, your large muscle groups, your abdominal core muscles, and to build endurance. This class is appropriate for individuals with moderate fitness levels who have some swimming skill and want a strenuous workout.


Is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. It is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Chair yoga is a great practice for everyone, as it deepens flexibility and strengthens personal body awareness. Within this type of yoga class, the poses, or Asanas, are often adaptations of Hatha yoga poses and are covered in standing, seated, and prone postures. Chair yoga helps people with the symptoms of many health issues and overall toning.


This is the perfect class to center your breath and body - and help align your physical and mental by practicing stillness and gentle movement for extended periods of time. No flexibility required because the props assist in helping you to hold poses. This class is also perfect if you are rehabbing from an injury or illness.


Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a SilverSneakers ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support.


This stationary outdoor cycling experience is a great cardiovascular workout with a view! Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises on state of the art Free Motion bikes right here on the pool deck. All levels are welcome. Remember to bring a towel and water bottle!

Exercise Fees

Palm Desert Resident

  • Water Aerobics & Chair Yoga: Drop-In - $6.00
  • Monthly Water Aerobics Pass - $65.00
  • Monthly Fitness Pass - $99.00
  • Yoga Pass - $99.00 for 10 classes
  • Yoga Drop-in - $15.00



  • Water Aerobics & Chair Yoga: Drop-In - $8.00
  • Monthly Water Aerobics Pass - $85.00
  • Monthly Fitness Pass - $99.00
  • Yoga Pass - $99.00 for 10 classes
  • Yoga Drop-in - $15.00


*25 punch card expires 6 months from date of purchase 
Pass can not be used for entrance during special events/programs


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